English 10 - Class Rules


It is the job of every student to do his or her best to learn something every day. It is my job to teach every day. I can't allow students to disrupt the class. Disruptions will be dealt with according to the Marshall County Schools student handbook. If disruptive behavior is a problem, I may use assigned seating, break detention, after-school detention, or phone conferences with parents to help get behavior back on track so a positive learning atmosphere can be enjoyed by everyone in the class.

Successful learners come to class prepared. Always bring your notebook and a pen or pencil to class. You should bring your textbook and workbook to class every day. Textbooks must be covered to help them last longer and stay in good condition. If you make it a habit to come to class unprepared, I will assign you some “remediation time” with me during break, during lunch, or after school. 

Successful learners come to class on time. You are tardy if you are not in the room when the bell rings. After 4 tardies, you will be given an office referral. Before you get to 4 tardies, I may give you some “remediation time” with me during break, during lunch, or after school.

You need to be in the classroom in order to benefit from instruction. Please try to use the restroom, make phone calls, go to your locker, etc. between classes. I will not let you leave the room during direct instruction time. If you leave the classroom, you must take the hall pass with you and sign out on the clipboard once I have given you permission to leave the classroom.

You may not use your cell phone, laptop, I-pad, I-pod, tablet, Nook, Kindle, or any other electronic device during class time unless I have given you specific permission to use the device on a class assignment. I do have the right, as per the Marshall County student handbook, to take up your device and turn it in to the office if you use it in class without permission. 

If I suspect that you have been sharing answers inappropriately on either class assignments or tests, I will not grade your work and you will have to stay after school to make the assignment up.