English 10 Class Procedures

You will be given a code to access the online version of our textbook.  You will also be given information on how to join our online "Google Classroom."  Under the links section of my website you will find links to our online textbook, our Google Classroom, the Remind message center, Quizlet for vocabulary, and other sites that will be helpful for our class.

You should keep a notebook for this class that contains all of your class notes, hand-outs and worksheets, and all graded assignments and tests.  I will not check or grade notebooks, but you will be able to use your notebook on the cumulative semester exam.  Also, if I should happen to make an error when transferring grades to the computer, you need to be able to show me your paper so that I can correct it.

Class will begin each day with a brief vocabulary practice and sentence editing assignment. This assignment is not optional. Every one of these assignments will not be graded, but at least one or two during the week may be taken for a grade. 

We will do group projects each nine weeks. Each person in your group is expected to contribute to the group work and be accountable for their contribution.  It is not enough to just “be there.”  A part of each of your project grades will come from self-assessment checklists and peer feedback.

Please be sure to put your name, date, and class period on all work turned in. If you don't turn your work in to be graded, I will not go through your notebook looking for it.  The job isn't done until the paperwork is completed and turned in!

If you are absent, when you return to school it is your responsibility to get any assignments that need to be made up. Check the assignment board to see what we did on the day you were absent and then check the make-up work holders for any extra worksheets and handouts for that day. If you are absent on the day that a test is given, you will have to schedule a time to stay after school to make up the test. There is a limit to the amount of time that you have to make up work missed when you are absent.  If you have an unexcused absence, you may not make up any graded work or tests that you missed.  I will not give extra credit work or make up work during the last week of the nine weeks so that you can pull your grade up because you have zeroes for work not done. Please do not beg or plead because I won't be listening!

I have set up a "Remind" message center for each of my classes.  You can sign up to get text message reminders (or an email reminder) about important due dates, test information, project information, etc.  I will not be able to see your phone number. 

Information about how to sign up for Remind:

     text message to: 81010; in message line put: @ClarkEng10P1