Google Classroom Information

Google Classroom:

***Google Classroom Information***

Please log into your school gmail account, click on the Google Apps icon, and scroll down to find Google Classroom (or "Google" Google Classrooms). To join a class, click the plus sign in the top right of the screen and type in your class's specific access code.

 I will be using Google Classroom throughout the year to remind you of assigned homework, provide supplemental videos, post interesting and relevant articles, and review material discussed in class. Students will be required to complete assignments on Google classroom and/or upload them for class discussion or grading purposes.

1st Period Period Pre-AP Biology Students will use the code: pj73w47 to enroll in the Pre-AP Classroom.

2nd Period Pre-AP Biology Students will use the code: 
26m455u to enroll in the Pre-AP Classroom.

3rd Period AP Biology Students will use the code: nju32wf to enroll in the AP Classroom.

4th period Anatomy & Physiology Students will use the code usb5zkh to enroll in the Anatomy & Physiology Classroom. 

6th Period ACT Prep students will use the code: 57d7fjx to enroll in the ACT Prep Classroom.

Virtual Students will use the code: b5yju3e to enroll in the KDS DAR Virtual Science Classroom.