Supply List


Mrs. Taylor's Supply List

For ALL Classes



Three-ring binder  

Loose-leaf paper  

Pencils & erasers  

Graph paper (small pack) 

Calculator (see below)  


Pre AP Geometry 

Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calculator Optional) 


Pre AP Algebra 2 with Trigonometry 

Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calculator Optional) 


AP Statistics 

Graphing Calculator  


A Note about Graphing Calculators  
Graphing Calculators may be used at the Algebra A level course and higher at DAR High School and on the ACT college entrance exam. The Texas Instruments (TI) TI-84 series calculator (i.e. silver, plus, C, CE, etc.) is highly recommended for its functionality, although cheaper brands are available. I will be using the TI-84 for all in-class demonstrations, and I also have programs for the TI-84 that I share with students. This calculator may be purchased at, Wal-Mart, Staples, Target, and even Unclaimed Baggage. I have several TI-84 graphing calculators students may sign-out daily on a “first come-first served” basis.   



Listed below are items used by all students. I sincerely appreciate all who are able and willing to purchase any of these items as a donation to our classroom. Students may donate multiple items for more tickets! (Ticket system will be explained on the first day of school.) 


Students will receive 8 tickets for each item listed below:   

 One container Clorox (or any brand) disinfecting wipes

One 4-pack of Expo dry-erase markers (Fine or Chisel Tip – any color) 

One pack of copy paper (~500 sheets)

One bottle (with pump) hand-sanitizer 



Students will receive 4 tickets for each item listed below.   
One pack of college-ruled, loose-leaf paper
One pack of wooden pencils 

One roll of paper towels 

Other items may be added as the year progresses. Thanks!